How to know when it’s time to get out of dreamland

  • Freedom
  • Impact
  • Wealth
  • Recognition
  • Your top desire here _____
  • Fear
  • Low Desire
  • Doubt/Lack of belief
  • Lack of strategy
  • Lack of structure

When it’s time to be in the Idea Phase:

  • When an idea isn’t fully formed yet
  • When an idea is still taking shape
  • When you are filling in the colors, flavors, shape, size, weight, distance and it’s still coming together
  • If the idea still needs to ripen and mature before you can articulate it verbally or in writing
  • If you still feel called to journal, explore, study, read and consult on your idea
  • If you’d rather whisper about it than shout it from the rooftops

When it’s time to move from the Idea Phase to the Planning Phase:

  • When your next step is clear and you can see it in front of you
  • When you can see how to get from point A to point B
  • When you can explain it to someone else (and they don’t look at you cross-eyed)
  • When you feel really excited, and can’t wait to share it with someone
  • When you cannot rest without testing to see if this idea has legs

When it’s almost too late:

  • When you feel your enthusiasm start to die down
  • When you start to listen to the voices in your head that tell you it’s stupid, it won’t work, it’s not a good idea
  • When you start negotiating with yourself or convincing yourself that you can do this tomorrow, or next week, or when the kids are out of school

The ONE structure that can help you transform an idea into a plan

The problem is, without structure — without a defined deadline or timeline, you risk that apple rotting on the ground, and the iron losing its heat.

  • By the end of the month, I will _____.
  • By the end of this year, I will have _____.
  • In 30 days, I am going to _____.

To summarize:

  • Stay in the Idea Phase when an idea isn’t yet fully formed.
  • Move on to the Planning Phase when you can articulate the idea to someone else clearly.
  • Give yourself a deadline and a time frame to move forward.

What if you still aren’t taking action?

If you know all of this, and you still aren’t taking action on your idea, then it might be time to call in the help of a coach.



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Tara Lutman Agacayak

Tara Lutman Agacayak

Founder of the Creative Impact Studio. Creative solutions & leadership coaching for the women who lead companies that make our lives better.